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Vegetarische maaltijdsalade van gegrilde groenten

Dit is het recept voor een heerlijke maaltijdsalade die alleen maar bestaat uit groenten, verse basilicum en een beetje kaas. Deze salade is zeer voedzaam en daarnaast ook nog eens erg lekker. Door het grillen van de groenten krijgt dit gerecht een echte barbecue-look. Het bereiden van dit gerecht duurt iets langer dan normaal, maar […]

Zalm met Asperges Frittata

In dit gerecht ontmoeten ontbijt met het avondeten zich! Een heerlijk gezond gerecht vol met eiwitten van de zalm. Dit is zeker een gerecht wat je vaker op tafel zult hebben staan als je het eenmaal geprobeerd hebt. Ingrediënten (4 porties) : 350 gram rode aardappels in blokjes gesneden 6 eieren, licht geklopt 3 keer […]

Garnalen Couscous

Dit couscous recept met garnalen is gezond en kun je snel op tafel hebben staan, je bezoek zal dit waarschijnlijk niet geloven omdat het zo lekker smaakt. Ingrediënten (6 porties) : 2 eetlepels olijfolie 550 gram middelgrote garnalen, schoongemaakt en de schelp verwijderd grove zout en peper 1 theelepel mosterd zaadjes 2 prei, gesneden in […]

Feta – Het nummer één voorgerecht in onze griekse restaurant

De beroemde Feta wordt wel eens de witte kaas of “het witte goud” van Griekenland genoemd. Een product dat vele jaren bestaat. Het is smaakvol en mager. Laten we beginnen met het Oude Griekeland en de mythe van Cycloop Polyphemus. Men zegt dat hij de eerste was, die feta heeft gemaakt of , sterker nog, […]

De Griekse Olijfolie – Het nummer één Ingrediënt in het Griekse restaurant

Olijfolie heeft een geschiedenis van duizenden jaren, die enorm verbonden is met Griekenland, onze cultuur en onze bevolking. De oude Grieken behoorden tot de eerste mediterrane volkeren die de olijfboom cultiveerden en later de vruchten daarvan en de olijfolie zijn gaan gebruiken als basis voor hun dagelijkse voeding. Het gebruik van olijven had zich ook […]

Cous Cous, the tasty and special pasta

This special pasta consists of soft and hard wheat, eggs, cow’s milk and salt from Greek raw materials. All these sum up to the so special taste of Cous Cous. Cous Cous most of the time is in small round balls that they are soaked in cold water and then boiled in water, sauce or […]

Greek saffron

According to specialists , apart from its great taste , Greek saffron , has many pharmaceutical properties duo to ingredients,picrocrocin and crocin. Moreover, it contains vitamin B-12 ,lycopene, vitamin C,iron,potassium and magnesium . According to a research of the laboratory of General Chemistry of the Agronomic University of Athens in cooperation with the French Laboratoire […]

Greek Coffee

Greek coffee, its benefits are not constrained within Greece. The regular comsumption of aromatic, greek coffee, proves to be an important ingredient of a long life. Apart from flavor and taste, it seems that coffee offers good health in the inner cell layer of our blood vessels. The greek coffee’s medium concentration of caffeine in […]

Fig, the temptation!

The fig has many beneficial properties, high nutritional value and various vitamins that contribute to our health. Specifically, figs contain 83% natural sugars. They consist of calcium, iron, folic acid, fiber, vitamins A,B and C, as well as potassium. They are famous for their digestive properties and they are ideal for curing of constipation. One […]

Mountain tea (or shepherd’s tea)

Researchers have found that mountain’s tea works against Alzheimer’s disease.  What is more, a research from the University of Patras and the University of Ioannina,showed that mountain’s tea has antioxidant,anti-inflammatory,antidepressant and antistress properties . Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties are caused by the big amount of different glycosites it contains. Furthermore, it has anti stress characteristics, […]

22 Ways to Eat Like A Greek Islander(Part 1)

The longevity diet Before it became known as a “Blue Zone”—a region of the world where people tend to live unusually long and healthy lives—the island of Ikaria, Greece, was unknown to most Americans. But in the past few years, Ikaria has received considerable attention from scientists and journalists alike who want to unlock the […]


Chestnuts have high quantity of water in relation to other nuts , almost 50% of it is water ! It has less calories than other nuts which makes it the perfect snack for people who follow a healthy diet or try to lose weight . Chestnuts are an ideal source of carbs, giving the best […]

Mastic of Chios

Mastic of Chios has been claimed as a product of protected denomination origin since 1997, based on EU regulations. This is a unique product in the whole world because it only flourishes in the island of Chios. The mastic tree is an evergreen 3 meter high bush that gains its final form in 50 years […]

Graviera Naxou

The most famous and representative cheese of the Naxos island, which is a product of protective Designation of Origin since 1996. Consist of at least 80% cow’s milk, 20% sheep and goat’s milk as well as a minimum of 3 month’s aging .Graviera of Naxos, which has a hard, sub yellow and solid elastic mass, […]

Olive oil-Tips

Because of its beneficial location has unquestionably become the center of olive tree cultivation and production of olive oil. 132.000.000 trees! 60% of the Greek arable terrain is dedicated to the cultivation of olive trees. Despite its small size, Greece is positioned third in the global production of olive oil plain, Greece is using the […]


In this year’s international competition of biological honey BIOLMIEL that was held in Italy in November, more than 170 products were evaluated. In total 39 labels of Greek biological honey of different varieties were given the gold and silver award. The nutritional value of honey is priceless. The Greek honey is known for its quality, […]


Apaki of Crete is on the most exquisite delicatessens tasty, strongly, flavored, delightful and with a smoked essence. It’s a natural traditional product with no preservatives and its delicious taste derives from the fine vinegar and aromatic herbs of Crete. The original traditional Apaki of Crete is made of pork tenderloin and thus, in the […]

Greek Beer-Tips

Beer after sports? One would say that these two are opposite! However after sports, a beer can quench one’s thirst.. Studies have shown that beer fulfills thirst faster than water due to its mineral and nutritional ingredients. Many bicycle and football athletes prefer drinking beer with little or no alcohol! ‘NISOS’ pilsner beer won the […]

Ouzo the miracle worker.

Ouzo is a Greek traditional product that is produced by distilling pure earth materials. Specifically, as the base, it uses distillate from grain, which is placed in bronze coppers and aromatised through the procedure of distillation with herbs and nuts, with a predominant, the anise which gives it its characteristic flavour. It is produced exclusively […]

Souvlaki: A delicious story

In Greece, the souvlaki is more than just a fast food. The souvlaki has its own story, is wrapped in baking paper and exudes the scents of the delicious pork and the traditional tzatziki. What does souvlaki mean? The souvlaki first appeared in ancient Greece, since it was known with the name ‘ovelisk’ (from the […]

Mrs Theodora’s handmade spinach pie

Spinach pie… even the sound of it is mouthwatering! It is nutritional and delicious, made by hand from an authentic greek recipe. It is worth a try to make it, but it is surely worth tasting it. Enjoy! Source:Link

Veal with leek – Recipe

Veal with leek – Recipe The veal with leek is an authentic greek recipe which originated from Epirus. Thecombination of these ingredients make the dish unique. Ingredients: 2 kg of pork neck in small pieces 2 kg of leek 200 grams of celeriac 500 grams of celery 1 cup olive oil 1 cup red wine […]


The peach is a fruit with a great taste and a characteristic colour. It also has a high water content. Almost 90% of all fruit are consisted of water and this makes them a good choice for those who take care of their skin, having an indirect effect on anti-aging effect. The peach is also […]


The tomato first came to Greece in 1818, an important year for Greek habits. The Greek tomato, that began to be cultivated systematically from 1925, is unbeatable in flavour, aroma, but also appearance and that is because the Greek land is the most appropriate to thrive. The Greek varieties are special and the most important […]

Greek Salad – Tips

The Greek salad is considered to be a complete and balanced meal, fresh and full of Greek flavors. The Greek salad consists of: Tomatoes: a vegetable rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, beta-carotene and lycopene Cucumber: the contain vitamin A which is a dominant antioxidant for good eye function Onions: they contain few calories with […]


Crete is the largest and most populous of all the Greek islands and the 5th largest in the Mediterranean area. It is famous for its high quality products, countless wines, and large number of notable cheeses. One of the most famous and notable cheeses is the “staka” which is a dairy product, something between cheese […]

The orange miracle.

The orange is a citrus that belongs in the same family with the grapefruit and the mandarine. It is widely popular, due to its aromatic flavour but also for its benefits to our health. The orange is one of the most common and popular fruit in the world, because of its ready accessibility and its […]

Fruit Salad

A fruit salad is the best choice during the summer holidays since it can be eaten at any hour of the day. Ingredients: 4 vanillas 1/4 cup of blueberries 1/4 cup of raspberries 1/2 tbs of honey Lime juice Chia seeds for serving (optional) Instructions Steps: Step 1 Clean the fruits, cut them in pieces […]


Tourlou (Greek vegetable casserole) is a dish with multiple vegetables cooked in a pot or in the oven that adds up to a delicious tasteful summer dish. It is a recipe from Pontos that will surely satisfy you!   Ingredients 3 eggplants cut into large cubes 2 zucchini cut into large cubes 3 potatoes cut […]


Greece is blessed with a mild and excellent climate. The land is fertile and produces highly nutritional products. Many Greek products have been honoured with the distinction of Protected Designation of Origin. Beans, a beneficial legume, has been growing in Greece since ancient times. Many varieties have been labeled as Products of Geographical Indication, such […]

Pear : The fruit of September

In September, the pears play their honour role. The benefits of the pear for our health, are countless. The cultivation of the pear is the third in line, in terms of volume of production among the deciduous fruit trees grown in Greece. Pears are considered to be hypoallergenic fruits that are rich in fiber but […]

Pumpkin soup, delicious and suitable on a fasting

We may not include the pumpkin in our everyday routine, but it is definitely a food that is worth adding to our daily diet. It is a rich source of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. If we remove the dairy products from the diet, the pumpkin can become an ideal solution for those who avoid […]

Griekse olijfolie bevindt zich in de top van de wereld

Griekse olijfolie bevindt zich in de top van de wereld. Alle liefhebbers van goede olijfolie hebben elkaar ontmoet in New York International Olive Oil Competition.Dat is een jaarlijkse competitie over kwalitatief uitstekende olijfolie. Deskundigen vanuit de hele wereld zijn daar geweest om nog een keer de beste olijfolie van de hele wereld een prijs toe […]